Søven Gin – open, enjoy, dream!

Søven Gin combines the magic of faraway places with the roots of our northern German homeland. The enjoyment of gin becomes an experience. The unique aroma when opening the bottle and the incomparable pleasure of pure gin create a lasting impression. Søven Gin – actually too good to mix.



We believe that the gin must first and foremost taste pure! We have tried so long until we found our unique and new recipe and this special, refreshing and tangy smell and taste of our Søven Gin. For us, passion means above all handwork. With the team of the Dollerup distillery we realize our vision of a hand-crafted gin in a small-batch process.


We are convinced that a good gin only fully develops through its naturalness. Søven Gin is holistic, vegan and our botanicals are exclusively certified organic. The seven citrus fruits, including Buddha’s Hand, and aloe vera give Søven Gin its unique charm. We place special emphasis on our artesian spring water, which provides Søven Gin with its natural purity.

SØVEN GIN Natürlichkeit


Søven Gin develops its special pleasure purely on the rocks as well as with mineral water as gin soda – here it plays out its inimitable class. Søven Gin is the perfect partner for every mood and also gives every tonic that certain something and a fascinating variety of flavors. No matter if classic, mediterranean or exotic. Søven Gin – open, enjoy, dream!